Power Tactics in Hypnosis: How to Use Consistency to Boost Your Authority

In Conversational Hypnosis it is important to choose the correct status role depending on the people you are dealing with. 

High status is the role that you will strive for in your hypnotic relationships, but it is also important to know when to play a low status role too.  The idea is to gain complete comfort from your subjects in a low status role before attempting to move into a high status role. 

After you have attained the trust of your subjects and can attain the role of high status in each relationship you will want to maintain it.  This is done by sending out the signals that are subconsciously associated with a high status person. 

These signals include calm movements, use of space, exposing the vulnerable parts and steady eye contact.  These principals will be the background for the next step to learn which is to use them consistently in order to boost your authority.

Now that you know how to behave in a way that people will perceive you as high status, you will want to learn how to activate this instantly.  This is where the Consistency Principal is put into action.  The principal of consistency is defined as this: when a person makes a declaration in public of a thing, then it is certain that they will have to act in a way to remain consistent with what they have said. 

The easy way to say this is that once someone has stated something publicly to someone in high status they will feel that they need to fulfill that statement by acting according to it.  Another part of this is to add that the more authority or higher status you are the more pressure the subject feels to live up to the standard they have set in front of you.

This is important for hypnotists as the more authority you have the harder they will work to attain the goals they have set in front of you.  This also means that once they have made a change they wanted in their life they will work harder to maintain it.

This brings us the idea of Consistency Tactics, the first of which is to Demonstrate Authority.  In using this tactic you will be able to test the willingness of your subjects, and anyone really, to go into trances.  These are also widely known as suggestibility tests.  When consistency tactic of demonstrating authority is used correctly it will give the hypnotist a great range of authority from the participant.  

These tactics are also used on other people to see the amount of resistance they have to going into an altered state of mind.  In this manner they can be used almost anywhere to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject of hypnosis. 

The consistency tactic of demonstrating authority will help in the manner that it is a quick and easy way to test suggestibility.  Once you do this successfully to one person in a room full of people they will usually no longer question your knowledge on the subject and trust that you are an expert in the area. 

As humans it is our nature to trust those who prove they are educated in a field.  In fact we are so trusting of this that once a person proves they are an expert in one field we generally will think they know a vast amount of knowledge in many different areas of life.

Another way that this skill is useful is that when you open yourself to show something to a crowd of people you automatically take on the role of a leader.  This will add social pressure on you to perform but it will elevate your status in the room to one of high status very quickly.

It is important in this skill to find what works for you.  Make sure you are performing something you can accomplish, so as not to appear uneducated on the topic.  When you are successful in your ability to perform for strangers with social pressure and you can accomplish your objectives people will start to respond to you as an authority figure.

The concepts we have just gone over are very important in conversational hypnosis and are key in the elevation of your authority even in outside environments such as social gatherings.  The simple need to posses a strong authority over people in conversational hypnosis is a strong one that will ease the time and effort put into hypnosis. 

By creating ways to add impact to your authority you will be able to win people over more quickly and reach the goal of offering your suggestion.  Once you accomplish that and you have the authority the suggestions you implant will be more powerful for your subjects and the people around you.


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