Persistence Tactics in Hypnosis: How to Use the Hypnotic Triple & Seeding Ideas

Conversational hypnosis is a powerful practice that involves the use of tactics and principals that you will apply in order to influence those around you to live better lives.  The tactics involved are many and cover a wide range of skills.  As you start to put all these skills together you will begin to get a better vision of how they will all start to fit together for you in the art of hypnosis.

Persistence tactics are four of the tools you will learn to use with the other tactics, hypnotic language foundations, rapport skills and signal recognition systems.  The four persistence tactics are the Hypnotic Triple, Seeding Hypnotic Ideas, Law of Successive Approximations and the Law of Compounding Effect.  In this article we will be focusing of the Hypnotic Triple and Seeding Hypnotic Ideas.

In the words Persistence tactics alone we find the definition of those that are the most persistent are those who are most likely to succeed at a thing.  The law of the mind that those that are the most persistent have the things they are persistent with will be deeply ingrained in them and create the biggest changes.  This is key as these are two of the persistence tactics that will help to make you most successful.

Persistence will help you to create a set of ideas that will become very powerful when set into a person.  Persistence eats away at the resistance wall built by people and helps to break it down so they may be open to new ideas, beliefs and ways of life.  In your job as a hypnotist you will have the ability to work persistence tactics into any conversation; this alone will cause a greater power behind your suggestions and influences.

The first of the two tactics we will be focusing on here is the Hypnotic Triple.  This is the idea that when you present an idea to a person you will want to produce a triple effect.  Using this causes you to use repetition with your words and language, it will layer the information within a persons mind to make a powerful repetition of the idea you are striving to get across. 

Repetition is one of the best ways to get a person to really absorb and remember an idea; in this the unconscious soaks it in and creates a foundation for that idea.  Repetition also produces positive reinforcement and that in turn creates reality, the more it is used the more real the idea becomes for the listener.

In the Hypnotic Triple you will put the information to your listener piece by piece and layer by layer.  You will want to make your statements smooth and elegant and use language that is believable.  If your language is not convincing then your suggestion will not get through to your listener, if it does not get through then there will be no recall of the information.

The most important part of the Hypnotic Triple is that you are creating a triple or repetitive effect.  Constantly use the words or a specific word you want your listener to put into action as a part of your suggestion.  When this is done smoothly, and in a way that is believable your purpose will get through.

The second Persistence Tactic that we will discuss is the Seeding of Hypnotic Ideas.  Seeding is a subtle and powerful way to get your suggestions and ideas in without your listener knowing you have even slipped them past their conscious mind. 

Seeding has a sneaky effect; the idea is to casually drop the ideas one by one over a period of time.  After each idea is dropped to your listener you will nurture it with other details that will help it grow into a full grown idea of their own.  Master hypnotist Milton Erickson was very successful with this tactic in his therapies.

He would plant the idea in the mind and then keep replanting it repeatedly until the person is ready for the full on question, suggestion or idea to brought to them.  If this is done right then down the road after careful nurture of the thoughts and ideas you are planting your subject will be prepared for you to bring the idea to them in a statement.  It will no longer be overwhelming to them because the little pieces you have put in their mind have been in there preparing them unconsciously.

Seeding is a useful tactic, especially when you have a change or idea that is shocking or overwhelming.  In this tactic you can present the information to the person a little at a time in a way that is less overwhelming to them by casually mentioning it over time, time after time.  This is easier to accept because with Seeding you have created a foundation to set the final thought on that will be strong enough to hold it.

So in these to Persistence Tactics you are learning to use repetition in both; one very consciously and the other quite the opposite.  As you practice these tactics you will see that both have a very powerful effect as they must to have been top choices by Milton Erickson.





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