Influence & Persuasion in Hypnosis: Changing Moods Not Minds

Conversational Hypnosis is really the art of changing lives, when you get down to it your purpose as a hypnotist will be to help people to make positive changes for themselves in their lives.  Unfortunately you cannot just tell someone to change, as this will not be effective.  There are places in the mind you must learn to access, moods to change and triggers to pull.  Once you learn how to set these events into action you will be closer to making happier lives for everyone.

One of the most important things you need to learn as a hypnotist is how to change behaviors; this is really a way to change learning as well.  The vital key in changing behavior and learning is to know the Access State Principal or ASP.  Access State Principal which really says within those very words what you will be doing with it.  You will be accessing different states in order to change people’s moods which will in turn change the ways in which they think about things.

Access State Principal will give you the knowledge to change the way people think and behave in any given set of circumstances.

Behind the Access State Principal is the idea of changing moods, not minds.  You see most people believe that in order to change someone’s thinking about a particular subject you need to change their mind.  They will most often try to do this with logical arguments, persuasion and facts.  However there is a more efficient way to change minds. 

If you have the tools to change their mood you will be more successful in changing their mind quicker and more thoroughly.  When you learn to change a person’s mood their mind will follow because it is all connected in the mind, provoke a new set of emotions the state of mind changes.

This all relates to the Access State Principal. 

There was a scientific study done on ASP in the 1970’s.  It was used to study state of mind and performance.  Basically the researchers got together two groups of students and asked them to study and memorize a list of nonsense syllables.  The first group of students took on this task sober; the second group was given a few shots of alcohol to get them a little intoxicated before they began. 

The students then had a few hours to study and after were sent off to take the test.  The students who were studying sober performed better on the test.  But then the researchers had the students take the test again after giving all the students a few new shots of alcohol.  In the second test the students that had studied while intoxicated did better than those who had studied sober.

Since the 1970’s many tests of like nature have been conducted.  And in most of these studies it shows that the ways in which people code the behaviors they have is dependant on the state of mind they are in when learning that behavior.  Therefore when you change the state of mind all the behaviors and information that individual has access to changes.

The best way to picture this is that the mind is made up of many different rooms; every room is a different state where you have learned, acted or behaved in different ways.  So in theory each separate room stores the information for all those different states.  In order to have access to that information you need to enter that state or room with in the mind.  This is why changing moods changes minds.

Your state of mind, your listener’s state of mind is really the control center for everything you do.  The state of mind is what controls your behaviors within that state of mind, where you store the information you learn, how you learn it and how to access the information you want to share consciously. 

Part of your job as a hypnotist is to learn the secret paths to access those states of mind.  You must be able to help your subjects to access each state you need in order to accomplish your goals together.  The different states of mind hold the ability for individuals to improve on focus, performance, knowledge and inspirations.

When it comes to changing minds the science behind it can be broken down simply, at least for our purposes.  Each time a different state of mind is accessed a different or new set of neurology is lit within our brains.  Every state is a little different in some way as each state of mind allows you access to different sets of information. 

State is of course more complicated than just a bunch of lights going off in your brain.  It has to do with your emotions and your physiological state as well.  This means the ways you move.  When your body either stays in one position or moves to a new position this too is involved in accessing or shutting down information in different states of mind.  When your body move the neurology in your brain changes.

Now this is all important to Access State Principal because when you are attempting to change a subjects mind about a thing you will need to access their state of mind.   You will need to lead them into changing their body movements, mental images and behaviors in order to access those states of mind. 

Part of this accessing of state of mind will be learning to hit their emotional triggers in order to cue the responses that control these behaviors.  This will create a great starting point in amplifying their experiences and make the most intense experience for them.  The more intense the experience the better the state of mind you can access.

With the Access State Principal you can improve your life and the lives of those around you in numerous ways.  Access State Principal will be a tool that you will learn to combine with many other skills, each affecting the other, to make a powerful set of hypnotic tools

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