How to Use Hypnotic Words to Double the Impact of Your Hypnosis Session

Hypnotic words are another element of the Precision Language that you will want to work to develop in order to improve your Conversational Hypnosis.  Hypnotic words are another type of hot word that are specifically designed to cause a person to begin to enter a trance or altered state of mind. 

Hypnotic words can also be used in any stage of the 4 Stage Protocol.  As you will see these are words that can be used in absorbing attention, bypassing critical factors, creating unconscious responses and using unconscious responses.  These words can also be used to elegantly recreate experiences, express ideas in a hypnotic way and will create a smooth language for you to engage in your conversations.

So how do the hypnotic words work to engage a mini-trance or beginnings of an altered state of mind?

When you use a hypnotic word in conversation with a person they are required to access the experience that goes with the word you have said, at least to some degree.   Their brain will unconsciously do this in order to really define the word you used.  After they do this they can put the word and it’s meaning into the context of the statements you are making.

For example if you use the word ‘tired’ the person you are talking to will take that word out of the statements you made and access the emotion or feeling that defines for them.  This is the only way they will really understand it the meaning it has for them. 

Hypnotic words are words that are closely related and extremely important to hypnotic ideas.  These are words that imply a fixation of attention and will always activate the neurology inside a person to begin a kind of trance response. 

Hypnotic words are similar to words like fixation, curiosity, focus and mesmerized; any word that has the same meaning or connotation as these words will more than likely fall into the category of a hypnotic word.  It is imperative as a conversational hypnotist that you build a strong library of these words to have and use as you need them.

As you are learning to use hypnotic words you will find that you can use them in layers like many of the other concepts we have discussed.  When a hypnotic word is used alone there is a possibility that it will start the process of inducing a trance, however this is no guarantee. 

However if you take the time to practice the words and add them into inductions they will become very powerful in capturing the themes of your conversation.  This can be done repeatedly and will create an enormous impact in your hypnosis.  The more you can get used to using hypnotic words in different instances the more opportunities your subject will have to access the experiences you are taking them into.

This is a powerful way to layer hypnotic words.  The repetition that is created will give a variety of experiences and emotions to access while still using the hypnotic words to induce trances.  These conversations will be memorable and easy to trigger for your subjects if the environment is right.

There are many hypnotic words to choose from that will fit into the contexts of all the stages of the 4 Stage Protocol.  It is true, as you will find that many of the hypnotic words will fit well into the first stage.  However other words such as fixation or attention can be used in many different instances and stories for intensification purposes.  You will also easily be able to use hypnotic words in bypassing the critical factor and activating unconscious responses.

Spontaneous is a great word to use in bypassing the critical factor.  Just the very meaning of the word implies that you will be bypassing any rational thought about the word or idea that is attached to it.  Since the meanings of words are the emotion we incorporate with them the meaning of this word itself will simply slip a suggestion right past the critical factor and into the unconscious mind.

The word spontaneous also creates an unconscious response in itself, so now you have taken care of two steps in one with simply using one hypnotic word!

This is of course only one example; there are many words that you will find that will do the same type of thing with all the different stages of protocol.  It is important that you put these words into a list and keep them handy as you will no doubt be using them on a regular basis.  They will be a wonderful tool throughout your Conversational Hypnosis training and profession.



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