How to Become Great At Conversational Hypnosis

One of the first parts of being a great Conversational Hypnotist is to have the ability to induce trance in another person.  Without this skill in sharp condition you will have a very difficult time improving the lives of those around you. 

The ability to alter the state of mind has been something you probably have been reading about and possibly practicing for some time now. 

If this is true then the next logical step in your education will be to refine and sharpen the trance induction skills you have been learning.  To do this you must take all the skills you have been learning and keep them as fresh in your mind as possible.  Many of these skills you will be able to use in trance induction as you learn to broaden your horizons in this area.

For now you should focus on the basics of becoming great, a great Conversational Hypnotist that is.  The 4 Stage Protocol along with a couple of secret tips will give you the important and basic specifics for inducing a hypnotic trance.  The skills and tips in this article will nearly guarantee you the ability to send you subject and those around you into hypnotic trances.

These are all skills you should already be familiar with and if you are not then a brief refresher may help before you carry on.  On another note, remember that these are the basics and you will be learning many more layers of skills to add to these as your education continues.

The 4 Stage Protocol is really the meat and potatoes of getting someone into a hypnotic trance.  This set of rules or concepts contain all you need in order to create hypnotic trance in another person.

The first step is to Absorb Attention.  No matter what hypnotic effect or process you want to do with your subject you must always first absorb their attention.  Without the attention of your listener you will not be able to continue in the area of inducing a trance.  So make sure to practice getting people’s attention. 

You will learn ways to do this as you go on to other articles, all you need to know now is you simply must be able to get a persons attention focused on you to bring them into an altered state of mind or hypnotic trance.

The second stage in the 4 Stage Protocol is a very important one, Bypass the Critical Factor.  As you have read before the critical factor is the filter of the conscious mind that criticizes and analyzes all the information being sent in from outside sources. 

It is imperative to make any type of progress with the betterment of life that you bypass the critical factor.  Your listener must be able to agree and accept your suggestions on some level so you can not only seed them in but get a response from those suggestions.

That brings us to the third stage, which is to Activate an Unconscious Response.  This is simply getting any type of unconscious response from the person you are inducing.  It can be any of the signals found in the signal recognitions system, an emotion or reaction to your suggestion that is communicated from an unconscious mind level. 

A change in breathing, blinking and so on, as long as it is unconscious.  This is important because without attaining the unconscious response you will have a difficult time leading it to a desired outcome.

This brings you to the fourth and final stage in the 4 Stage Protocol, being to Lead the Unconscious Response to a Desired Result.  When you recognize the different signals or unconscious responses you must take them and lead them into your desired result. 

That result can be a thought process, action, idea or anything you want that will help in the person’s goals of life change. 

Now that you have been reminded of the four stages you can set those stages in the back of your mind and concentrate on how to get someone’s attention.  The fixation of attention can be done in many different ways.  The method you use largely depends on the person and circumstance you are in. 

You can attract their attention by telling them something that will interest them.  You can attract their attention by asking questions that instill some curiosity.  You can attract them down the rabbit hole by showing them something they want so they in turn want to follow you.  All these are ways of attracting attention.

The above list of ways to attract attention is great but sometimes it is just good to be direct.  Simply ask them to direct their attention to what it is you are saying, doing or asking them to do.  Humans by nature like to comply, most like to please others and in asking a very direct and easy thing will certainly get your listeners attention.  

Being simple and direct in asking for attention may seem like a contradiction since in Conversational Hypnosis you are usually trying to learn how to be indirect.  But if you take a step back and think about the greatest hypnotists like Milton Erickson and others even they knew when to be direct.  They knew when to just simply make a direct request of a subject.

Being very direct is one of the best kept secrets in hypnosis.  You should have no reason not to be direct, and often it can give you the best results.  Making a clear concise request without embarrassment or hesitation is an important way to start in getting peoples attention.

The second secret in hypnosis that relates to this is to learn how to move from being very direct to indirect as you improve your skill.  After you have refined your ability to get attention with directness you will learn to move to more indirect ways of still getting the attention you need. 

This is a way to make things less blatant and more smooth, more like they are taking place in the background of what you are really doing.  You will learn how to accomplish the art of absorbing attention with more subtle communications. 

These things will happen in the background of conversation and be harder to spot by your listener.  This is something that you will want to move on to after you have mastered the direct routes of absorbing attention.

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