How to Refine the Powerful Hypnotic Gaze Induction

The Hypnotic Gaze Induction is powerful indeed and know in how to use it will be a wonderful tool for you in your practices.  The hypnotic gaze induction in itself covers and accomplishes the 4 Stage Protocol all wrapped into one induction.

It does this through a series of phases which you will lead a person through using eye contact, body language and tone of voice.  A quick review of the four steps in the induction will help you to get into the mode for this article.

The first step in hypnotic gaze induction is to go first.  You will develop an instant rapport rich with feelings of comfort and good will.  You will put yourself in an outside trance to create external focus.

The second stage is to apply your hypnotic gaze.  In this you should display with your signals complete confidence in your ability to induce trance.  It is important to keep your gaze calm and clear, but most of all steady and unwavering.

The third step in this induction is to alter your voice to a trance tonality.  Use all the aspects you can to create a calm voice that slows everything down.  Make good use of your hypnotic language and create a relaxing environment with the words and tones you use.

Finally the fourth step in hypnotic gaze induction is to still use your hypnotic language as you create a double feedback loop for your subject.  Tell them what you want them to do as far as trance signals, and as they unconsciously put them into effect repeat back to them what it is they are doing.  This will reinforce their actions and lead them deeper into trance.

Now that you know how to do a hypnotic gaze induction you will want to not only practice it but refine and perfect it as well.  This is where this article comes in, you will learn techniques to make your hypnotic gaze inductions run very smoothly and eventually go undetected by the person you are putting into trance.

The first area of refinement that you will want to concentrate on is how to make your inductions less direct.  This is done through the art of overt and covert hypnotic voices.  In learning this concept keep in mind that your actual language will not change, this only really works on the tonality you are using.

This is simply slowing the rate at which you change your tonality down so it is less obvious that you are converting into a hypnotic tone.  A good way to do this is to only change your regular conversational voice slightly to be smoother on the ear. 

When you do this there will be very few people who will actually notice you are using a hypnotic tonality with them.  The voice tone in this is much more normal but can have the same impact as the very deep, slow, low trance voice people are used to hearing.

The idea of overt is the more obvious hypnotic tone of voice that you may use in some situations and the covert is the more indirect and less obvious tonality you will use.  Many times you will make the decision of which to use based on the person and environment in which you are dealing.

The second refinement technique that you will focus on is called my friend John/Jane technique.  In this technique you are not changing the words of the experiences you describe you simply change who they are happening to. 

Instead of describing a trance they will be or are going into you would describe the experience your friend John or Jane had.  This converts your instruction to a story about an experience someone else had.  It still sends the same message of the signals and such you want them to experience, except it is easier to agree to as it is someone else’s experience.

In this technique you are essentially creating a double reality for your listener.  They are aware on some level that you are really talking about them and the things they are experiencing or doing but it is presented in a story about someone else.

The third and final refinement skill for hypnotic gaze inductions are to talk in extended quotes.  When you talk in extended quotes you are really just putting words into another person’s mouth.  You use this to quote what another person may have said about something.  In this the listener hears you giving them information, almost as if it fact just because another person said it.

Because they view it as a statement that they can agree with, you can’t deny what someone else said there is little resistance.  It goes in to their unconscious and becomes an embedded suggestion that will help to send your listener into trance and actually have the experiences you are leading with your quotes.

So in refining the hypnotic gaze induction you really have three concepts to put into action.  The first refinement is to change your tone of voice to create new voices that are less or more covert and overt.  The second refinement technique is to tell stories and experiences that happened to other people to make embedded suggestions.  And the third and final refinement is to use extended quotes to make a thing agreeable and put into action by the subconscious.

In using these three refinements you will increase the power behind your hypnotic gaze inductions to make them more efficient and powerful.  This in the world of hypnosis is always a positive aspect.

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