A Step by Step Guide to Using the Powerful Piggy Back Hypnotic Induction

When learning Conversational Hypnosis you will be building a bank of inductions that you will use at different times for different purposes with different people.  One of those inductions that you find to be very useful will be the piggy back hypnotic induction.

In the piggy back hypnotic induction you find that you can accomplish all four stages of the 4 Stage Protocol easily and powerfully.  Through the simple task of attaching suggestions to statements and yes sets you will successfully absorb attention, bypass critical thinking, solicit an unconscious response and use that response toward a specified outcome. 

In the piggy back hypnotic induction you will do this mainly through making verifiably true statements about direct experiences.  These will use sensory words like feel, notice, see and hear.  You will use these words in a way the redirects awareness by way of taking control of their attention.

Let’s take a look at a step by step guided way to use the powerful piggy back hypnotic induction.  To begin this induction you will first start your session out with making verifiably true statements.  These statements should contain words like notice, feel, see or hear. 

You can use taste and smell but they are more difficult to work into a conversation where you are really having that experience.  You will usually be using the sensations that are associated with hearing, seeing and feeling.

Each of these true statements should portray physical aspects all about the sensory experiences that are true.  You do have a feeling in your leg; you can become aware of it when it is brought to your attention.  Remember these are simple statements about the person’s physical state that are true.

In the second step of the induction you will simply add a conjunction at the end of your set of statements and a word that makes a suggestion to do something.  Conjunctions that you would use are words such as while, and, because or that means.  After adding the conjunction you will simply add a word like relax, grow heavy or breathe.

When you use this induction you find it easier to accomplish the induction if you use your hypnotic language that you have been learning through out your training.  In this induction all the other things you have learned are still going to be very useful, especially the language skills. 

By the end of step two you have made your four or five sensory rich true statements and have added a suggestion to the end of them by way of using a simple conjunction.  In doing this you have started a process of relaxation for your subject.

The next step will be to repeat the first two steps over again.  In this step you need to be sure to keep your statements again a completely verifiably true about physical aspects of your listener.  Then you will again attach a relaxing suggestion to the end by way of conjunction. 

Each time you do this you will take the suggestion just one step further into whatever state of relaxation you used in the original set of statements.  Using your hypnotic language you will continue to add to these suggestions throughout the induction.

The final step in the piggy back hypnotic induction will be to continue your statements each time making them less true.  By this step you will have been creating a very strong and powerful yes set.  You will make your verifiably true statements less true and your attached suggestion in a way that they will stand on their own. 

Eventually as you progress through the continuous loop that is this induction you will be making only stand alone statement for your listener to take in and actualize.

Now that you know how to take your listener through the entire piggy back hypnotic induction there is one more concept to keep yourself aware of.  That is that in this induction you have the option of making it a very direct or indirect type of induction. 

When you use this induction as a very direct induction the suggestions you attach to the true statements will use terms that are directly related to hypnosis or going into trance.  These will be words like hypnosis and trance; you will use them frequently and liberally within the induction.

To create a less direct induction you will use all the same steps only you will utilize more indirect trance themes.  You have read about these before and they will be words like relax, imagine, go within or to make comfortable.  There are many other examples and strings of words that you can create for yourself and use in this indirect way of performing the induction.

When you apply the indirect way of using the piggy back hypnotic induction you will be able to conduct the induction without ever really directly stating what it is you are doing, and all the principals will still be there. 

Choosing to use the direct or indirect area of this induction will largely depend on the person you are working with and what you would like to accomplish.  Either way will work and accomplish the goal you have in mind when it is done correctly.

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