How to Destroy Resistance with Stories: Master Level Nested Loops in Hypnosis

It is important know about stories and how to tell them, you should be practicing this and becoming quite good at it as you do it daily without even thinking about it.  The telling of basic and intermediate nested loops and how to use them is also vital.  All these things are very valuable and powerful to your work as a Conversational Hypnotist.

The stories that you tell will help you to bring out emotion in people as well as absorb attention and bypass the critical factor.  This will help you to induce a state of hypnosis and drop in the suggestions that will eventually have positive life changing effects for the people you deal with.  Using your nested loops, basic and intermediate, will aid in this process by tying it all together into a nice process that is smooth and comfortable for you both.

The nested loops you have covered so far have taught you to use three to twelve stories with in a session.  They have taught you how to use the process in telling each story to its climax and then beginning the next.  They have shown you where to drop the suggestions, between all the beginnings and endings of the stories you are telling. 

These two types of nested loops have also taught you that you can create amnesia in order to safely seal your suggestions within the person you are working with.  This is done by the order in which you finish your stories from last to first, creating a bridge and smooth closure to all the stories with in the nested loops. 

And finally you have learned how to observe and use the constant feedback loop created from telling your stories and how to modify them to fit the situation of the person you are in session with.

Now you must learn the next step in nesting loops, the advanced and master level nested loops.  As with the first two types of nested loops you are going to be using the same structural processes and adding refinements to those processes. 

The first refinement you are going to make is to take the trance processes in intermediate nested loops a bit further.  In the intermediate nested loops you began to use trance processes in the suggestions you are giving at the suggestion phase.  Now you are going to take it a step further and use those same trances processes, any of them you have learned previously, and use them in the actual stories you are telling. 

You will take each story you tell and use it as a trance process all in itself.  This will create a much more powerful impact on your listener than simply using them in the suggestion phase.  In order to do this you will still be working within an emotional theme. This will keep your emotional rollercoaster ride going. 

However you can also use other tools such as metaphorical resolutions and pre-teaching within the stories you are telling.  When you use a metaphorical resolution you will use your stories to mirror a situation the listener is having, the suggestion or story itself will offer a type of resolution that will be set in their unconscious to be put into action later. 

If you decide to use pre-teaching you will have the ability to indirectly explain the processes that need to take place in order to insure success within the situation.  Either of these options, along with others you have learned, will set up a structural frame work that will help the entire nesting loop process to define a means at the end.  

Another plus of using pre-teaching as a trance process is that while it instructs their unconscious mind of what direction to take it also sets up intuitions that are unarguable by the critical factor.

This structural frame work you create in the trance processes of your stories and other tools will be the guide for the final outcome.  You won’t need to use only stories to do this but the stories can act as pieces to the puzzle that will be the final conclusion of the entire process.

The nest refinement you will add to the nested loops is going to be what is called post hypnotic suggestion protocol.  When you arrive at the point in your nested loops where you use the trance processes from the intermediate loops you will also incorporate post hypnotic suggestion protocol.  This is a very valuable tool for getting people to do a behavior when a specific cue is performed. 

This is a very powerful thing to incorporate in your nested loops.  The reason post hypnotic suggestion protocol is so powerful is that even when you are not around to influence the behavior as soon as they interpret the set cue they will execute a set behavior.  This is a concept we will cover in depth later on in these articles.

Finally the last thing you will add to your refinements of advanced nested loops is a new way of closing your loops.  Now as you have learned you will still close all your loops from end to beginning, you will still seal the amnesia within by incorporating emotional and complete stories.  But now as you close each loop you will begin to incorporate future memory processes.

Future memory processes are similar to pre-teaching in that you will guide your listener though an imaginary future where all the changes and suggestions have already taken place.  You will show them what these changes will do for them. You will be showing them how their lives will change by using their imagination and your stories as a tool to place those pictures in their head.

Your goal here in future memory process is to give your listener a realistic experience of what their world will look like once they have made the necessary changes.  This is a powerful way to use presupposition, give them a visual of what success looks like.  The other benefit of future processes is that it convinces the unconscious to assume success; this will cause it to do whatever is necessary to complete the tasks to get to that success because it is assumed.

Now the next step is the mastery level nested loop.  Again you will be making more refinements to the last three types of nested loops you have learned about.  You will use all the same structures and processes of the basic, intermediate and advanced level nested loops.  But you will be adding refinements that will create an even bigger impact and make your nested loops even more powerful.

The first thing you will do is add to your stories the conversation induction protocol.  These are the conversational hypnosis inductions that were very indirect, these can be put to use here in your stories as well. 

You can do this in two different ways; first you can simply create the structure of all the stories in a way that it follows one of those protocols.  The other way to use this is to use a different protocol for each story to create a very elaborate and elegant set of loops that will likely guarantee a very deep state of hypnosis in your listener.

The second refinement you will add to create a master level nested loop is to add embedded suggestions to your process.  This can be done in a variety of different ways.  You can use them very directly; ambiguity, quotes, stacked realities or any of the other ways you have learned to embed suggestions.  You can even use them within the emotional states you have been creating with your stories; this is a very powerful way to use embedded suggestions. 

As you are embedding these suggestions you will be embedding emotional triggers as well.  These triggers will be set to go off whenever you trigger them later on.  As you master all these concepts you will eventually learn to modify the rigid structure you have read about here and begin to create loops within loops.  All intertwining and weaving to tell stories within stories, all to improve the lives of your subjects.

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