A Special Hypnosis Secret: 4 Tactics to Win the Frame War

Frames are a set of ideas that everyone has, you can help but to have frames in your life.  These are the beliefs and the contexts in which you put situations in order to form a judgment.  Frames rule your thoughts and decisions about any particular situation.  Frames will be very powerful for you as a hypnotist as well.

Every frame there is has an opposite, depending on the person these may seem logical or illogical to you.  That is beside the point; the point is in fact that if there is an opposite way to view something then there must be a set of information to change that view that can be introduced in order to do so. 

If you can master a way to control frames in your hypnosis you will be able to lead interactions in any direction you want.  The power to do this will come from learning to be successful in frame war tactics.

There are four primary fame war tactics that you need to learn to use in order to successfully change other people’s frames and take the dominate end of the interaction.  They are to maintain your frame, preframe, reframe and deframe.  All of these will be powerful ways to influence the contexts and ways in which those around you create their frames or change them.

Maintaining your frame is simply to stand firm in whatever frame it is that has presented itself.  To keep strong and unwavering in the views you have of the world and your reality.  This is much like drawing a straight line from where you stand in being challenged in your frame and not moving from the path of that line you have drawn.  No matter what is presented to you, you will keep a steady stand and move along the original frame you have set.

This is one of the most powerful ways to win a frame war.  The objections and challenges you meet from others are often a way to test how sincere you are in your stance, if you are unwavering then the other person will assume you know that this is just the way things are.  They will submit to your powerful stance on the subject, idea or situation you are at war over.

The second tactic of preframing is a way to set the context so it falls true in your favor.  If you do this correctly you will be convincing the other person that your thought process is right before the interaction of the frame war has even presented itself.  You can do this by simply telling people in advance what it is to look for, what they should be paying attention to, so the frame is preset to fall in your favor.

This tactic is often used along with the first tactic of maintaining your frame; these two agree well and can be very useful together.  This happens because in the preset frames that are challenged you will need to be consistent in maintaining those frames until the other person simply assumes you are correct. 

The third tactic is to reframe, this is a therapeutic pattern in which you take the frame that is offered by the other person and you simply deal with it.  The best way to describe this tactic is that you are changing the point of view for the other person. 

You put a new spin on the same situation.  Sure you were frustrated that you were late for work because you had to wait for a red light, but what if you had ran it and never made it to work again due to a fatal accident by the car that was speeding toward the intersection

If you stop and look at the frame from another angle you are moving the context about in a way that is easier to handle.  So for instance, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ is a new way of looking at a problematic situation, this is a classic embedded reframe.

The fourth and final tactic is deframing.  Deframing is used when someone is outright challenging your frame.  In this tactic you will be making the other person justify their frame; get them to defend the ways they are viewing the situation or idea.  This will create the opposite effect that they will inevitably take on more of the frame you wish them to use in their thought processes. 

Framing and the tactics for winning frame wars is going to be a powerful way for you to change the way people are interpreting situations, ideas and decisions.  They will also assist in giving you the lead role in the relationship as you convince others time and time again through the techniques shown here to see things your way.

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