How to Establish a Hypnotic Framework

Frames are very important in what you will be doing as a Conversational Hypnotist.  Frames are apparent in everything you and others do everyday. 

In a way they shape the lives and realities that we choose to live in.  If someone’s frame of mind is that murder is unacceptable they will tend to live their lives in a reality where they do not choose to murder other people, possibly even other animals.

Frames are what set us apart from one another they are the individual beliefs and ideas that you hold true in your world for yourself.  They control the meanings behind the various interactions you have with people everyday.  In this light it is genuinely correct to say that frames are a very powerful aspect of your life. 

Because of this simple fact learning to control frames as well as structure them will be even more powerful as you will then have the upper hand in the matter of frames.  You will be able to be the dominating frame holder in your interactions with others. 

The simple power behind frames is the amount of control over interaction it gives you, this is why you must not only learn how to deconstruct and reformat frames of other but also how to build a frame to start with.

Learning how to establish a frame, a good frame, is really quite simple.  The first step is to determine how you would like the situation to end.  If you are a realtor, you want to sell a house, or if you are a car salesman you want to sell a car.  These are simple examples that everyone should be able to relate to on some level. 

After you have established what it is you want people to do you can move on to the next step which is to ask what would have to be true in order for people to do that.  Let’s say you are a teacher and you want your students to learn. 

What is the first thing that would have to be absolutely 100% true in order for your students to want to learn a concept?  It would have to catch their interest in some way, be desirable information to work hard enough to retain.  If the information is desirable and interesting your students will more than likely be enthusiastic about learning it.

In this example the frame that you have ruled out with that one simple truth is that they will be bored in learning the information.  If the information is interesting it will catch their attention and rule out boredom and lack for luster of learning.

The next question is no longer whether or not the students want to learn the information but how will they learn it, how much effort and concentration will they put into it in order to walk away educated? 

The power of making a thing desirable, in this case information, is something that you will want to do indirectly so as not to call suspicion to what you are doing.  If you walk into your class room and say, “Look this is really interesting information so you better pay attention and learn,” chances are you will look presumptuous and egotistical.

 The people in the class will analyze that and criticize it just from your statement.  This is something you will display in your attitude, in your assumptions.  If you display the air that the information is really interesting and desirable then those sub-communications will be unconsciously picked up by those around you. 

This is a very important part of setting up frames if you do not show in your actions that your assumptions are true you will be looked on as a fraud or an untrustworthy person.
The sub-communications that you send out are the true force behind setting up the frame in whatever situation you are in.

You have to be aware to make your preframes set up in a way that opposing them will seem like the most unlikely thing the person you are dealing with could do.  In this action alone it will create an environment where the opposite frame, the one you are trying to avoid, will not even be entertained because it is so strange. 

In doing this your sub-communications will be so strong in the ways you use your body language, expressions and stories that the very objections you are trying to avoid will cease to exist to the person you are speaking to.  The new reality you have created will not allow for such a strange objection. 

In the end if this is all done correctly it is very likely that you will end up with the desired conclusion you set at the beginning of this whole process.  Setting up a frame is very powerful as you can see; it is a way to in essence predict the future of the goal you have set through a process of steps.

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