Reframing in Hypnosis

It is important to know that frames are very powerful and will be a valuable tool as you practice your Conversational Hypnosis. 

A frame is the standard of reference that people use to measure the meanings of all the things around them.  It is also important to keep in mind that frames are different for everyone and that there are different ways in which to present and look at each different frame.

The power of frames in hypnosis is great because you are learning to change, preset and extinguish frames based on the language you use, both physically and verbally.
Reframing in hypnosis is going to be another powerful aspect of the idea of frames.  This will be another important way for you to change and overpower the frames of others to impact a positive outcome with in your hypnosis practice.

Reframing is the next tool you will use in your quest to conquer the frames of others.  Reframing is simply just a way to get a person to look at the same idea or situation in a different light or way.  In the area of reframing there are two different types of reframe you can use.  There are context reframes and meaning reframes, in both your goal is to change the outlook of the person you are dealing with.

A context reframe is the ability to put the subject of the frame into a new context.  An example of this is if you were selling a suit to a business man, executive of a big company.  You are attempting to sell him a very nice sharp, not to mention expensive suit.  He decides he would like to see something else because the suit you are showing him is a little too flashy.

You may reply in a manner that implies that he is more comfortable wearing a suit that will blend in with what everyone else is wearing, no need to stand out in a crowd maybe he doesn’t like to be noticed as much when he walks into a room.  Now since you are dealing with a business man this seems like a silly thing to say because part of his role as an executive is to look sharp and stand out as a leading figure in his company.  

In this example, you have taken the problem of the suit being too flashy and turned it around to imply that as an executive you assumed he would want to stand out in the crowd.  The idea of flashy was the problem but now it is brought to mind that as an executive it could be a plus to stand out in the crowd. 

Another good example of a context reframe would be if a woman was looking at a sports car and decided that the speed would just be too much for her to handle.  You can context reframe this by offering the example of the quick maneuvering of such a car would be useful in the situation of speeding up to get around a careless driver. 

Here again you take the problem and make it a plus, a desirable aspect of the subject.  In doing this in both examples you are taking the conflict the part they disagree with and putting it in a new light where it becomes a reason to buy the item.  This is context reframing you have changed the context to alter the frame.

In the second type of reframing, meaning reframing, you will change the meaning behind the frames you wish to change.  You will want someone to look at something from another point of view, don’t look at it this way but look at it that way.  This is very similar to context reframing.  The difference is you change the actual meaning of the frame.

Meaning reframing is a powerful way to deal with objections or problems where there could be multiple ways of interpreting the meanings.  If you have a boss who is very strict and every time you come in a minute late he really jumps on you, the first way and probably the most popular way to interpret that is that he is a jerk and doesn’t like you.

Although there are many other reasons why this situation may be happening.  Maybe he is under pressure from his superiors to make sure timeliness is at 100% or there will be consequences for him.  Another situation could be that he has a promotion in mind for you and the only way to get it passed by the guys up stairs is if your timeliness improves.  This puts a whole new light on the subject and you would then be very open to his support in razing you to be on time.

Reframing on the whole is a way to create positive outlooks for problems that others are only seeing in a negative light.  In hypnosis this will come in very valuable as you will have the ability to give your listener enough positive choices to choose from that they can drastically improve their view of certain aspects of their lives.

Reframing is powerful in its ability to enrich and add to the enjoyment of life instead of walking around always thinking the worst.  It can make people more successful, influential and altogether happier as their outlook changes to a more positive one.

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