How to Use Reality Strategies When You Are Challenged As a Hypnotist

As a Conversational hypnotist you will use different skills in different areas of your expertise.  There will be those who resist you and those who challenge you as you attempt to do your work.  These are things that you need to be prepared for.  Frames and they different ways you can use them and manipulate them will help you in this area of your hypnotism.

Frames are the ways in which you reference information and bring meaning from all your interactions.  There are frame wars that you will encounter, as a person and as a hypnotist, in which you will need to become the dominate reality in.  You will use your strategies and tactics to go to combat in these frame wars. 

You will also encounter frame testing on a regular basis, as a hypnotist and as an individual.  Frame testing is what happens when two people first start to interact with one another, they test each other out to see who is being truly genuine and sincere in the frames they hold true.

As you come across each of these obstacles you will use different tactics to maintain your frame, reset, preset and dislodge the frames of those you interact with.  Maintaining your frame is the best way to become the dominant reality in any situation.  If you have the ability to stand strong on the beliefs and contexts you have created in your frames you will convince others that this is the way of reality.  This is what passionate people do and they are very successful in it.

Preframing is another tactic you will use in frame wars.  This is the ability to set in advance what others should be looking at or paying attention to.  From there you have the next tactic which is to reframe.  Reframing is when you take a situation and ask a person to look at it in another way.  This will shed new light on what was thought of as a bad or negative situation.  And finally you will be working with deframing which is to simply turn the tables of the frame and direct the attention elsewhere.

All of these tactics are very useful in your hypnosis and will help you in situations where you are resisted or opposed when it comes to the frames you hold and the frames you would like to instill in your subjects. 

It is true that all the above information is valuable and certainly powerful in your work as a hypnotist, however there is another set of tactics you can use.  These tactics are not as well known but just as powerful as the others.  They are simply known as the frame tactics and will be of use when you are being challenged as a hypnotist.

Before you really get into these tactics there is some information you will need to prepare for how you will come upon them and deal with issues before the tactics are necessary. 

The first thing you will encounter when you are being challenged is a great amount of pressure coming from those around you to conform to the frame they hold as true.  This is something you need to learn to recognize and not to give into.  Once you give into this pressure you will lose the battle before it is truly begun.

In order to counter this type of pressure you must firs recognize it then learn how to deal with it.  Even more powerful than that you must learn to send the right signals to communicate that you are not affected by the pressure that is being placed on you.  These signals are important because this is a reality test.

 It is something that everyone does unconsciously and it accomplishes the task of sanity in a large world.  These are signals people send out to check to see if all is still as they believe it is in the world, you do this to other people to see that your assumptions are accurate and correct. 

Because this happens most when pressure is applied to you that is when you are most vulnerable to change your frame to fit that of those around you.  And don’t be fooled because your grasp of reality can be altered so much by pressure and influence that you will do things that sound foolish just to conform to what is supposed to be.

In order to keep sanity and not conform to ideas that are foolish and untrue simply from influence and pressure you must maintain your frame.  The big secret here is to send out the right signals.  Sub-communicate that your frame is the only on that is truly right and real in the world.

And this brings us to the tactics you must know in order to stand strong in the face of challenge.  The first tactic is, do not react.  This is just as it sounds you must remain without reaction to the challenge, calm and impassive.  This is done simply by convincing yourself that the challenge and the person challenging you just doesn’t exist. 

Send no communication what so ever that a challenge was perceived.  Do not blink, shift your gaze, alter your breathing or change your body language in any way.  You need to teach yourself to completely ignore the challenge as if it does not exist in any way.

The second tactic that is little known is to ‘give them ‘the look”.  This is the next tactic you use in your line of defense against pressure and influence to change your frames.  If there is no change in the persistence of the person challenging you and they continue to do so you will give them the look. 

This is a simple communication of a look that communicates to the other person that they are behaving in an odd or unacceptable manner.  It speaks for itself in saying, “what are you doing??”  Now let’s be clear here you do not say this you just send a look that communicates it.  Saying it aloud really wields very little power but sub-communicating it in a look speaks volumes. 

This look puts the person you are interacting with under a different type of pressure to conform, a social pressure that says your demeanor is not acceptable at this time.  This alone will often collapse their reality and they will conform under the idea that they are doing something that is not normal and unacceptable.

The final little known tactic you will use is to handle the genuine objection.  This is again next in line in your tools of combat.  If the person you are interacting with is still persisting with their challenge you will know it is a genuine challenge. 

This is the realization that there is a real and true objection within their challenge that should be dealt with.  So that is what you do, you deal with the genuine challenge.  You can do this by reframing it, or you can deframe it the option is yours depending on the challenge and which you think is better suited for that challenge.

These are all great valuable tools to use when dealing with frames.  But you should always, always remember that the best way to handle a challenge to your frame is to first maintain your frame.  This is the most powerful and will have the longest lasting impact of any of the tactics and tools you have read about. 

If you can maintain your frame in a light that is so strong that there is no other way to see it but as reality you will save time and energy and be viewed as a more genuine person overall.

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