Some Useful Frames for Hypnotists to Live By

Frames are a very powerful and valuable tool in Conversational hypnosis.  Frames will assist you in many different areas of your study and practice simply because they are what they are.  Frames are the points of reference in that we all use to understand all the things and interactions that happen around us. 

If there were no frames in life then everything you did would be meaningless in a very literal sense.  If there is nothing to reference an interaction by then there is not meaning to it, no context to pull that meaning from.  If you have no view or opinion on a statement then it would really not matter to you how another person viewed it. 

Take an example, if you simply sitting next to a stranger on a park bench and he blurted out, “Abortion is murder.”  If you had no opinion on this matter it would mean absolutely nothing to you.  However most people have some sort of view on this matter and so that is your frame of mind about abortion, you have a context to put it in to. 

Maybe you feel very strongly either way, the point is this statement will probably arouse some emotion in you and that is your frame and the context you have put this statement and probably person into.  Likewise there is no real right or wrong frame only the truth, which usually lies somewhere between the very positive and negative ends of each frame.

So a frame is simply a reference that varies with each person that is used to give meaning to the thoughts, ideas, statements and opinions each person has.  There are frames for every interaction you have and those frames can be useful for you in your hypnosis.

So what are these frames you should live by?  Well there are a few you should really consider making your own, making them a part of the everyday life you live.  These are frames that will improve your life and the ways in which people respond to you so you should really begin to believe in them and give them a good positive effort. 

In essence they will improve others lives as well simply because you will know how to use them and yourself be a happier person making those around you happier to be in your presence.  This happens because once you take on a new frame you will start to sub-communicate that frame on to others.  This sub-communication will project your frame on to others and they will respond to you in the ways that you are treating them.  Plain and simple, usually if you give a smile you get a smile.

The first frame you should start to practice and make your own is the frame of abundance versus scarcity.  If you are a person who practices a frame of scarcity you are constantly in need.  There is never enough stuff around to satisfy you.  People stuck in this frame will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. 

This is a negative behavior of course and if you act in this way it is what you will get returned to you by the rest of the world.  You see the frame you project as your own comes back on you from others as they perceive the frames you are in.  This is why going first is always such a helpful tool as well.  A frame of scarcity is not one that will elevate you in the standards of others nor is it healthy as it is a very negative way to be.

If you are a person who takes on a frame of abundance you will likely see it returned to you in the world as well.  A person of abundance has what they need; they tend to show this in the dignity they display.  They will not lie, cheat or steal from you as that is not their standard of living. 

They know that there is enough to go around and will be comfortable in what they get because abundance will be returned to them by way of others.  A frame of abundance allows others to want to be around you, want to listen to you; it makes you more charismatic and that is the world you should desire to be in.

The second frame you should be interested in practicing is that of the cause versus effect frame.  The effect frame is a way of thinking that if only everyone else would fix themselves you would be much happier.  Every problem you encounter is never your fault it is always someone else at fault for your misfortunes. 

Effect frames are unhealthy because if you really want something in your life to change it is you who must to take charge and make the changes yourself not wish someone else would.  In this frame you are giving your control away, you are relying on others to fix your life when there is no guarantee that they will.  They think that everything is out of their control and they sub-communicate this very much.

If you are a person of the cause frame of mind do not blame the world for their problems, they simply try to fix them.  The way they do this is they take the problem, accept that it is what it is and then ask themselves how can I fix this? 

The moral of the story here is that most problems that come along in your life are going to be purely coincidental and there are very few instances where another random coincidence will come along to fix said problem. 

You need to take charge and control and fix what you can so you are not dwelling on the problems and waiting on the rest of the world to get its act together to please you.  Take responsibility for the things you want to change in your life and change them.

The third frame you need to keep in check is a very personal one and that is to be the type of person that others look up to, a type of respect for the enthusiasm you have for life.  It can really be anything passion, enthusiasm or just nice to be around.  If you sub-communicate this sort of frame people will want to be around you and hear what you have to say. 

A good example of this is if you look at any really successful person you will often notice that they demand a sort of respect that people seem to want to give to them.  That is because others enjoy being around them, they are happier in this persons presence. 

If this is difficult at first, in fact if any of these frames are difficult at first you should start by pretending to take on these frames.  The more you pretend or practice these frames the more you will start to believe them and become them.  You will soon forget that you are pretending at all and be the embodiment of the things you have set before you here.

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