The LIFE Checklist for Better Conversational Hypnosis

As a great Conversational Hypnotist you need be able to use your conversations in order to easily put those around you into a trance in order to help them with their problems.  But once you can do this the question remains where to go from here.

The fact of the matter is you not only need to know how to put a person into trance but you must also have tools that will assist you in making the changes with in a person to influence their lives.  There is one thing that you must always keep in mind and live by as a Conversational Hypnotist; if you want to influence a person purposefully you must have one of two goals. 

The first is to help them to overcome or correct some type of problem in their lives. 

The second is to assist them into creating a better future for themselves. 

There are ways you can learn to help you to accomplish these two goals.  The first is the PCAT Formula; this was developed to help you help people in the area of overcoming problems in their lives.  The other formula which is the COMILA Formula is to help with the betterment of a person’s future.  Now these are formulas that you will learn about more in depth later but for now you need to know that they are there to assist you in these two vital areas of Conversational Hypnosis.

To go along with the help you will get from these two formulas the unconscious will be helping you along the way as well.  Part of the reason for the unconscious, part of its job is to help you to survive and thrive in the world.  Whatever environment you are in your unconscious should be helping you to grow in the best ways possible with in that environment. 

Given this job of the unconscious, if you as a Conversational Hypnotist are genuinely attempting to help someone to better their life or a positive result in some way you will have the unconscious mind of that person already on your side.  Your influence as a hypnotist will team up with the unconscious mind to produce the best possible way for the person to thrive in their world.

Now it is a definite plus to have the unconscious mind of your listener on your side but you will also need some tools to go along with that.  Aside from the PCAT and COMILA Formulas you can also keep in mind the LIFE Checklist.  The LIFE Checklist is a way of checking yourself to ensure that you are using your full education to help the person you are working with. 

This is simply a short and simple list of items you will keep in your mind to check that you are doing all the necessary steps in your hypnosis sessions.  The LIFE Checklist is the best way to maximize the hypnotic conversations you are having with your clients.  This is a tool that will keep your hypnosis training in check with four simple steps to remember.

The LIFE Checklist stands for language, induction, frames and emotion.  If you incorporate all these items into your hypnotic conversations you will have a positive outcome time and time again.  The LIFE Checklist is a tool that you will use along with all your other tools including the PCAT, the COMILA, future memories, post-hypnotic suggestions and everything else you have learned to incorporate into your conversations.

Now you just need to take a closer look at what each of these means and you will be set to use the LIFE Checklist as soon as you wish.

The ‘L’ is for language.  In this simple model this letter L is simply there to remind you to use all the different language tools you have learned in your training.  In this mental process you will want to question things like are you using your tonality, rhythm, flow and suggestions all in the best possible ways to do with language. 

The ‘I’ in LIFE stands for Induction.  In this step you will want to check to see that you are using the 4 Stage Protocol.  First you will want to be sure you are using some sort of induction method, whether it is formal or informal it does not matter as long as you are using one. 

Are you absorbing the attention of your listener?  Have you bypassed their critical factor?  If so, have you received an unconscious response from the person and are you attempting to direct that response to an action?  Do you have an outcome or goal set and are you working your way toward it?

Next is the ‘F’ and it is for frames.  In this step you will want to be sure you are setting up the right frames, if you are not you may need to check to see if you really do have an outcome in mind.  If you aren’t setting up frames you are likely lacking purpose in your conversation.  If there is no purpose in your conversation then you will also likely babble on and use very poor communication skills.

The best thing to do here is have a clear picture of the frames you need to set by knowing a specific and pointed outcome you are reaching for.  If you have a clear purpose and know exactly what it is you are trying to achieve then your frames will almost come naturally.  They will be very easy to set up in that you will be communicating very pointedly.

Finally the ‘E’ in the LIFE Checklist is for emotion.  Are you using your stories and conversation to evoke some sort of emotional state from the person you are working with?  Emotion is very important and powerful.  It is what makes humans do things; emotion is the sole driver of interaction, if you have no emotional content in your hypnotic conversation then you will likely be led astray in your communications.

Now here this list looks long but once you have the basic knowledge of it, it will become a very quick and efficient way to check to see that you are utilizing all your tools in Conversational Hypnosis.  Going through this list in your head will literally only take you a few moments, seconds really. 

If you session or communication seems to be a little off you can quickly run through the four letters and see what it is you are lacking in your conversation.  This checklist will help you to critique what is happening within the interaction you are having with your listener and correct the things you may be forgetting.

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