How to Use Post Hypnotic Suggestions in Hypnosis

Post hypnotic suggestions are the next tool in line for you to add to your set of skills in Conversational Hypnosis.  These are very powerful suggestions that will give you the ability to place a suggestion of a behavior or action that will take place whether you are present or not.  Post hypnotic suggestions are used to get things done when they need to be done without the hypnotist’s presence. 

Now these are very powerful but they are not a hypnotic device to think of as magical or all powering.  The fact of ethical constraint still remains; you will not be able to program a person to do deeds that are against their ethical code.  If you remember the ethical code within each person is unbreakable and post hypnotic suggestions are not a secret tool that will cause a person to do anything and everything you say if your intentions are not true and good.

What post hypnotic suggestions can do for you and your subject is to access a behavior when it is demanded.  This happens as you use a trance to suggest a behavior that will take place when a specific trigger goes off in the person’s mind.  This tool is successful and powerful in the nature that it works in the same ways in which your unconscious mind works.  The natural way the mind remembers to do a thing, a thought occurs, a trigger, and then the action that goes along with it is performed. 

A great example of this is when a person stops using an addictive substance, such as alcohol or cigarettes.  Often they will find that their willpower is in check until they are reunited with situations in which the addictive substance was involved in. 

A smoker for example will quit smoking; they may show great willpower and resolve for a few weeks.  When they are put in a situation where they would normally have a cigarette, let’s say a night out with drinks and other smokers, their willpower dissolves and they return to the habit. 

The ex-smoker may be able to fight off the urge at first but over time the unconscious takes over and the urge becomes more powerful than the will to continue on the path of not smoking.  This is a prime example of a self induced post hypnotic suggestion. 

Now you will want to take a look at why this happens, what is the reason that the person is so willed to do whatever the post hypnotic suggestion is?  Well there are a few things happening that will clear this all up for you.  By knowing how this works you will be able to attain the same accomplishment in setting a successful post hypnotic suggestion.

The first condition that must be set is to make a suggestion of behavior.  When you suggest a behavior or action it will be one that you want to take place in the future.  This is not stage hypnotism; you do not want your listener to start clucking about immediately after you suggest the action.

After you have selected and suggested the behavior you want to take place in the future you will need to set condition number two.  This is to select a trigger.  You will need to create a triggering point something that will set off that future behavior when the time is right. 

Now that you have selected a behavior and a trigger to set off that behavior in the future you are ready to continue on with condition number three.  Condition number three is to bypass the consciousness.  If you do not do bypass the consciousness then the probability that the conscious mind will interfere with the action taking place is much greater.

Bypassing consciousness is going to create the urge to do the behavior.  It will make the suggestion of the action a compulsive one, much like the compulsion to smoke the cigarette even though logic says ‘you’ve made it this far, don’t smoke that cigarette’.  This bypassing of the consciousness will ultimately compel the person to do the action regardless of the resistance they may display initially. 

This is the nature of the unconscious mind, it really relates back to the access state principal as well.  As you make the suggestion in trance when the time is right for the action to take place the person will partially slip back into the trance that it was suggested in.  This is important because you must really pay attention to the trigger you are setting for this whole process to work correctly.

So your trigger essentially must be one that will set off the state of trance that was involved when the trigger was set, otherwise the trigger will not successfully trigger the correct suggestion.  This brings us to the attention that must be involved when you are designing your post hypnotic suggestions. 

Always be attentive to the state of mind you are creating and the action of the suggestion you are placing. Once you have mastered all these conditions you will use the COMILA Formula to complete the entire process from beginning to end.

Finally, again this must be emphasized, post hypnotic suggestion are only tools to use in a situation that will be positive for you and your listener.  You will only cause harm if you try to use it for unethical purposes.  The ethical code can not be broken, many before you have tried and to attempt it yourself will simply be a waste of your time.  If you exercise the ethics of a win/win situation you will have a vast amount of success with post hypnotic suggestions.

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