The Basics of Conversational Hypnosis

There are certain cornerstones or foundations that are vital to the art of Conversational Hypnosis.  In this article we will be covering those topics.  As a hypnotist, especially a Conversational Hypnotist, these are the foundations on which your processes will be built. 

It is very important that you understand not only how to use the information and skills in this article but that they are practiced to a point of natural function.  You should have the ability to do them with little concentration and effort to master your hypnosis. 

Part of the reason for understanding and second nature in this first step is that without these skills there will be nothing to hold your hypnosis structures together.  This is the very powerful glue that makes it all stick.

The first master technique that you will want to master in this step will be the use of your linguistic bridges.  These are powerful and important in that they will help you to create a smooth flow of ideas through your language.  One of the resources you have been offered in perfecting this skill has been to use a set of linguistic bridge cards; these are tools you can use to start the process of practicing the flow of the language you will use in your hypnosis.

This is the most basic way to master the art of hypnotic language.  It must be a smooth and comfortable ride that will make people around you want to listen.  You will do this by not only using the linguistic bridges but using them with hypnotic themes.  You will talk a majority of the time about things such as relaxation and trance, comfort and possibly even hypnosis. 

As you use your linguistic bridges and hypnotic themes you will also be adding a basic structure of trance to your themes using a rich language that is still very smooth and powerful.  This means you will be adding in a hypnotic tonality; as well as using that tonality to really squeeze the meanings from the words and language you are using. 

Once you can easily flow through the language skills above you will have the very beginning foundation of Conversational Hypnosis accomplished.  Then you will be ready to move on to the next level in this first step of mastery.  The second step in this process is to start to pull skills from your precision language.  One of the first skills will be to start to use hot words.  If you recall hot words are words that are emotionally laden with meaning.  They are more significant to a person than other words that mean the same thing.  Infant is less emotionally packed than baby. 

Another type of precision language you will include in this step is to start to use hypnotic words.  These are words in which the meaning of the word actually implies a trance.  Good examples of these hypnotic words would be focus, amazement, deep and fascinate.  You will also begin to transform these words into complete themes.

One of the tools you will be able to use in the sharpening of your precision language is to amplify the language.  You will be able to amplify the experience the listener is having by using words like suddenly, now and instantly.  These words are action accelerators and will amplify the meanings behind your words and themes.  In using these words you will be creating a dramatic tension that will greatly impact the unconscious once it is released and an action from the unconscious is demanded.

Anticipation builders are another amplification tool that will be very powerful.  These are words that will inevitably frustrate the trance response.  This is useful in that by the time you are ready for them to go into trance there will be an almost immediate reaction as they have been kept from it and now they want it more than ever. 

Next you will use language softeners as an amplification tool.  These are words that will make your language more comfortable.  Maybe, perhaps and possibly will soften the effect of your statements allowing the listener to hear a soft frame and not feel forced into doing a thing.  “Maybe you will begin to relax now.”  In doing this you have the ability to soften the language a bit but still hold your yes sets strong.

All throughout this you will also be using your basic yes sets and piggy back suggestions, if you remember these are authority strategies.  These will not be difficult to incorporate as they come naturally with the language you are already learning to use, they will likely just show up without you having to concentrate much attention on them.

The third master technique that you will be putting into action here is going to be the use of ambiguous messages.  This is as simple as starting to integrate them into your language.  Ambiguous messages again are words that posses more than one meaning.  Like the word right or lie, bank or no/know; all these words are pronounced the same and have more than one definition. 

The power in ambiguous messages is that they do indeed have two meanings; it is how you use those double meanings that will affect the person you are talking to.  The double meanings will speak on one level to the conscious and on another to the unconscious so you can be sending a message unconsciously that has a completely different meaning than what the person hears. 

As you do this you will be able to begin the priming of the unconscious responses through metaphorical instructions.  This will all work together to prime the unconscious mind to respond to hypnosis in a hypnotic way.

The fourth and final master technique in this step is that of confusion language.  This is the language of confusion, in case you were confused.  In this valuable skill you will use amnesia techniques and double negatives in order to confuse the listener.  Amnesia techniques will help them to forget certain things on the outside but remember them when the time is right.  This is getting someone to remember to forget a thing.

Double negatives are a way of confusing the conscious mind into shutting down and accepting whatever is next in line.  Double negatives will overwhelm the conscious mind with many minute details that are really of little importance. 

You can also do this by changing the meanings of words and splicing two statements together at a word in the middle or beginning of the statement.  Finally in this confusion language you can use shock and surprise to release the tension of the hypnotic cycle. 

Now when you can combine and master all the principals and skills here you will be a great hypnotist by most Joe’s standards.  But remember this is just the beginning of what we are going to cover here.  This is your foundation, what you will build everything else upon so make sure it is a good strong foundation as you will be adding a huge amount of skills and refinements to this to create a master hypnotic structure.

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