Some Subtleties on Your Way to Mastering Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis is a very complex art in which you are going to be painting a masterpiece with your words and language.  Now when you consider mediocre art from exceptionally great art you will notice that there are certain details in the great art that are not present in the okay or good art.  The same is true for Conversational Hypnosis.  There are subtleties that you must pay attention to, add and perfect in order to become a true master of the masterpiece.

The atmosphere you must create in which you conduct your hypnosis is one of these subtleties.  Atmosphere is a very important part of hypnosis.  If you can create a very hypnotic atmosphere you will create an environment where your listeners will seem to simply fall right into trance for you.  You need to learn to create an atmosphere, a feel, a seduction and a rhythm that helps in initiating spontaneous hypnosis.

One of the ways to do this is to go beyond rapport.  In going beyond rapport you will want to train yourself to avoid certain aspects of rapport that most people will try failingly to use in generating relationships.  The main concept here is to avoid trying too hard to be liked and trying too hard to be nice.  Now in order to alleviate these signals you will use status, wide rapport, rapport hooks, fractionate rapport and instant rapport techniques. 

When you are assuming status in a hypnotic relationship you will need to be cognizant of choosing the right status to be in.  As you know there are two statuses, a high status and a low status.  With some individuals you will need to make your atmosphere one of high status, commanding respect and in a sense arrogant.  With others you will want to use a low status, seeming as if you are a servant or an admirer. 

Always remember this is a role you are playing, neither status is right or wrong it is simply choosing the best status for the given situation that will benefit you both the most.

Wide rapport is the next way you will alter your atmosphere to make it more apt for an altered state of mind.  You will want to always remember to use a wide rapport with your subjects instead of a deep rapport. 

In a wide rapport you are making people comfortable with you in many different situations and environments not just very comfortable in one situation or environment.  You can do this by using many different topics and telling stories that place you in different settings with different themes.

Rapport hooks will be very helpful to you in the creation of atmosphere in that they are designed to instigate conversation.  These handy little tools will keep things interesting, make your listener more willing to get involved in the conversation and really find out why you are so easy to talk to.

Fractionate rapport will add to rapport hooks and atmosphere by making the listener work for your relationship.  In this concept you will give your rapport and then take it away with a distraction of some kind.  This will keep people coming back for more and holding their interest because they feel they need to complete the relationship; there is always more to find out.

Finally instant rapport techniques will assist in the atmosphere you need to create by using the unconscious connections you will be making with the person you are interacting with. 

The next main topic of overlooked skill that will help you in the creation of your Conversational Hypnosis masterpiece is using signal recognitions.  This is one of the most helpful skills you will develop, you will be able to recognize when people are going in and out of trance.  This is useful to you in that once you see they are entering a trance you can begin with the real meat and potatoes of your problem resolution.

The best skill within this area that you will want to pay close attention to is the heightened state of awareness.  This is a state you must learn to take on so you can use your senses and feelings to see all that is happening around you.  You will want to use your eyes, ears and feelings to measure and identify the trance signals that you are getting from the person you are working with. 

You will use your heightened sense of awareness to match the experiences they are having, if this goes unchecked or overlooked your language will often wander down the wrong path and throw your whole session off.

The third subtlety that you will want to direct your attention to is that of tonality.  This includes not only the tones you are using in your language but also the rhythms.  This is where you will pay attention to your performance, the ways you use and say your words as well as the order or sequences you use.

In this you will always want to remember to go first.  One of the main parts of performance is that you are sub-communicating the right signals to your listener.  If you do not go first, or enter your own type of trance to communicate these things you will not be producing the best hypnotic environment.  This is very important and very powerful; you must always be willing to go first.

Another area of tonality is going to be making sure you are squeezing the meanings from all your words.  When you combine this with the tone you are using you will begin to develop a great vocal atmosphere for hypnosis.  Simply by speaking to a person in a meaningful way and using the right tone you will begin to create a hypnotic rhythm to the way you are speaking.

If everything you are saying sounds very important then your listener will be more apt to hearing what it is you have to say.  This is beneficial for you both.  When you combine all these factors along with the command tonalities you will be creating a very good atmosphere for your hypnosis to take place. 

The final brush stroke in this part of your masterpiece is to use authority strategy to reinforce your atmosphere.  In this you will be using power tactics.  These will assist you in creating the personal power that is so important to leading a hypnosis session.  As you become an authority in the world of hypnosis to your listeners you will also be using the consistency strategy to make them stand by what it is they say.

You can also use agreement tactics to reinforce authority.  If you remember this has a lot to do with plausibility, you will judge the amount of trance your listener is in and you will determine plausibility from that.  The more deep their state the less plausible your suggestions and ideas can be, if they are in a lesser state of trance you will be making your suggestions and ideas very plausible. 

In this area you will also be using positive reinforcement.  You will be awake to the signals they send and give them positive reinforcements for those signals.  This is most important when a person is experiencing something they are not accustomed to, you need to let them know it is a good thing and something they are supposed to be feeling or doing.

You can choose to reinforce the person directly or indirectly.  As you proceed with this atmosphere you will be creating yes sets and adding in the piggy back suggestions that will only add positively to your atmosphere. 

After all this you will also want to use your persistence tactics, these tactics include hypnotic triples and the seeding of ideas.  A hypnotic triple will create an atmosphere of repetition; you will be repeating the same things to them over and over again.  This allows the information to sink much deeper than if you were to only state it once. 

Seeding of ideas will be valuable in that it is planting an idea in the atmosphere that will continue to grow over time.  You will of course be revisiting it to check that it is growing and adding to it as well.  Seeding will help you grow the atmosphere so it is getting ever larger and more present with every re-visitation. 

This seeding will lead you into the law of successive approximation, where you will add a little too each suggestion each time and in that making the idea or suggestion stronger every time you add to it.  Asking for a small response in the beginning and slowly building on to that response through adding a bit more each time you return.

Last but not least you will also want to include the law of compounding effect in this masterpiece.  This will ensure that every response tends to make the trance or effect grow bigger.  This is much like a yes set in that every time you get a person to respond with a yes they are even more likely to keep that habit as your questions or statements become less and less agreeable.

All of these subtleties will help you in creating the best picture possible for hypnosis to occur and you to reach your final goals.  Without these the road to success can be much longer and bumpier.  These are all powerful and important tools for really creating the best environment possible for you hypnosis to take place in.

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