Master the Piggy Back Principle in Conversational Hypnosis

The piggy back principal is very powerful and precise in what it can do for you in your Conversational Hypnosis.  This is a way of making suggestions that others can agree with and accept when it is performed correctly.

The piggy back principal is the principal in which you will be attaching to your yes sets.  You will create some sort of yes set, whether it is a series of compliments, facts or anything that listener will agree to.  As the listener hears a few good yes sets and is in agreement with what you are saying you will make another ‘yes’ statement and attach a suggestion to the end of it. 

The piggy back principal is a fairly easy one to use as long as you know a little something about your listener.  You must have something to go on for the yes sets but other than that you simply need to use your language, which you have already mastered. 

The reason the piggy back principal works well is that if you have a statement of agreement, one that the listener is saying ‘yes’ to then whatever is attached to that statement will be accepted as true on some unconscious level.  This is a great principal for hypnosis and especially Conversational Hypnosis because you can use it as an induction.

The piggy back induction in Conversational Hypnosis will provide you with yet another way to really get the hypnosis underway as well as getting the suggestions you want into the mind.  This induction will work along great with the hypnotic gaze induction and then of course with your hypnotic language skills, both of which you have already mastered. Once you have learned the subtleties of how to use the piggy back induction with these other two skills you will have captured the true heart of Conversational Hypnosis.

Now let’s really get in to the subtleties that you need to know in order to get everything you can out of using the piggy back induction along with the hypnotic gaze induction and your language skills.  The first concept you will want to make sure to pay special attention to is to use multiple topics.

Multiple topics are a great way to use the piggy back induction.  You can easily do this once you have learned to diversify your topics.  One of the ways in which you previously learned to use piggy backing was to use very rich sensory descriptions that the listener can say yes to.  You would use statements that were true and positive but still appealed to the senses so as to really drive home the experience you were giving the listener.

As you will remember this way of using sensory language can be done with multiple topics.  Talk about a bunch of different things that they can say yes to and then start to attach your suggestions to those.  You will also want to remember that you can choose to be very direct or indirect in this process.  You can actually talk about trance or you can talk about hypnotic themes. 

The next part of the piggy back induction that you will want to refine is in building your yes sets and adding in your piggy back suggestions.  This is the basics you will always want to start with your four of five yes set statements, after that you will add your suggestion of going into trance somehow. 

Each cycle you go through will get you talking more and more about trance and eventually that is the only topic you will be discussing because the need for the sensory information will no longer be necessary.

After you have refined the yes set and piggy back suggestion attachment you will move on to refine the directness or indirectness of your piggy back induction.  Since you will usually begin with being direct you will want to refine this into a more indirect way of inducing trance.  There are several ways of doing this; the first is to move from direct trance themes like hypnosis and trance to more indirect themes such as focus, relaxation and comfort.

Another way to switch things to a more indirect approach is to move your focus from the external to the internal.  While you will start your yes sets focused on how the outside of them feels or the things around them you will move your focus to how they are feeling inside. 

The air inside your lungs, the way your muscles feel heavy with relaxation; these are both good examples of course there are many others the list is very long.  The main point here is turning their attention to the internal areas of themselves instead of the external.

Finally the last refinement you will add to the piggy back induction will be that of mind reads.  This is anything you can use that you know about the person; their beliefs, experiences, expectations, truisms and just general things they have told you about themselves. 

Mind reads are closely related to and will also assist in your yes sets as they are deep rooted in your emotional and intellectual areas of the unconscious.  They are also easy topics to bring up as they are topics that are generally used in conversations all the time.

Once you have recognized, practiced and mastered these subtleties you will easily advance your Conversational Hypnosis and the piggy back induction to a more sophisticated process.  These subtleties are very powerful yet easy enough to incorporate that the positives you will see from them greatly out weigh the negative in taking the time to learn and practice them.

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