The Big Secret of Milton Erickson’s Conversational Hypnosis Revealed

Conversational Hypnosis is an art of hypnosis with many layers and much skill involved.  The different language you must use as well as the atmosphere you create will both be very important to your success as a hypnotist.  However there are also the different inductions you must learn to use well as they will be the key to bringing your subjects into trance. 

Dr. Milton Erickson forged the way through many of the induction and brought them into the center stage of Conversational Hypnosis.  Dr. Erickson’s reputation as a hypnotist is a revered and has made his name in hypnosis a common and popular one.  Not only was he a front runner in the world of hypnosis but as such he founded the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and was noted for his unconventional approach to psychotherapy.

Dr. Erickson’s trance voice induction will be a powerful tool for you to learn well and use.  He was also responsible for the hypnotic gaze induction and piggy back induction.
In the trance voice induction you will concentrate on improving your tonalities yet again.  This induction is among the favorites of Erickson’s and will be a valuable addition to your hypnosis practices.

In the trance voice induction you will be first creating a trance voice, this voice will need to be clearly different from your normal conversational voice and the tones you use in it will need to be clearly defined.  The trance voice you develop will be the tones you will smoothly acquire any time you are moving to put a person into trance. 

You have read about the tones you will want to incorporate in this previously which is to include a deeper, smoother, calmer tone with slower speaking and very purposeful pauses and a soft rhythm.  In this induction you will want to focus this way of speaking even more so. 

One of the tone refinements is to know when to use your conscious and unconscious voices.  Make sure the definition between the two is a clear and audible one and use them in the appropriate situations.  The conscious voice for times of non trance and the unconscious voice will be used when inducing an altered state of mind.

Along with this refinement you will add another which will be to create many different hypnotic voices.  This is important as your listeners will begin to associate different voices with different types of goals.  You may have a hypnotic voice for learning, one for relaxation, one for excitement and one to bring your subjects in and out of trances. 

These voices will be distinctly different enough for you to recognize the differences but you subjects may only notice the differences in their unconscious as they serve their hypnotic purposes.  As you develop your different voices you will need to condition each one with your subjects.

Refining this hypnotic process even further will be to combine all three inductions of Dr. Erickson together to create a multi-level way of communicating.  This will involve using the trance voice induction, the piggy back induction and the hypnotic gaze induction. 

By combining all the techniques in a particular session you will be creating a very powerful effect.  You will be embedding suggestions at all kinds of different levels for the unconscious to choose from.

 Messages will be coming in through each induction in different ways, the ways you have learned to use each induction will layer in the suggestions you are making with each induction separately within the same hypnosis session.

As you are using these three very powerful inductions there will be many messages going in to the listener, there will be many different processes going on and too many things to keep track of for the subject to see all that you are doing.  The conscious mind will become overloaded and shut down in turn bypassing the critical factor in the process.

As you have learned all these processes separately you will not be overloaded with this process.  You will in fact be so skilled at it by the time you have practiced it that it will come quite naturally and smoothly.  You see you will have already added all these concepts and the way to send them out to your listener that your unconscious mind will be doing a majority of the work for you.

Each of the inductions will be used and refined to be used together.  They will give you the ability to embed many different suggestions at many different levels within the unconscious mind for your listener to respond to and put into action when the triggers you embed as well are fired off and the whole of the hypnosis begins to be put into a smooth flowing action toward resolution and reward.

Learning to use the hypnotic gaze induction, piggy back induction and trance voice induction together will become a powerful and highly sophisticated tool that will elevate the abilities you have in your hypnosis.  It is a technique Dr. Milton Erickson relied on and will add to your successes as well.

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