How to Use Hypnotic Trance Formulas in Hypnosis to Get What You Want

Getting what you want out of your Conversational Hypnosis is basically going to be reaching the goals that have been set forth by you and your client.  So it is safe to say that this is a very important thing to master if you want to be a successful Conversational Hypnotist.  In Conversational Hypnosis you can start to structure your trance themes in way that will get the most and essential all that you are looking to achieve out of your hypnosis sessions with all your clients.

There are various trance formulas that you have been learning and working with to induce and conduct your hypnosis.  As you start to assess which formulas you will be using with different clients you will want to begin to become very strategic in the ways you are thinking and communicating with each person you are helping.

As you do this you will begin to layer all the different trance processes you have learned in a way that will achieve your goals as a hypnotist and those of your subjects.  The structure of your hypnotic interactions with people will rely in part on the structures you use in the trance processes you select and combine.  You will have the power to include the processes you think will be the most beneficial and exclude those that may not be needed for each person’s particular needs.

You can use any combination of trance processes in your hypnosis sessions.  However this is not something you must do, you can select a few or use all as you decide what is appropriate.  If you have a difficult situation or problem to solve you may want to consider using every trance process available.  If you have a problem that you can get to quicker and easier using only a few or even one you may want to do that. 

You will decide which combination of trance processes is the simplest way to accomplish what you have set out to accomplish.  From there you will take that route how ever it may differ from the sessions you have held in the past or will hold in the future.

The two trance processes you will be using at this time will most likely be the PCAT and the COMILA Formulas.  These are two different types of trance process that generally have two different reasons for using; this doesn’t mean you cannot combine them to get a more through goal accomplished. You will also be working with future memories and post hypnotic suggestions.

First you will want to review the PCAT Formula; this is the formula most often used when you want to help a person to create personal change for them.  This is an easy process to use as the way to introduce it is a very natural way of communicating on a regular basis. 

The PCAT Formula is the process of problem, confusing the critical factor, active solution and transform.  In this formula you will first start out by identifying the problem which is usually very simple as people will often bring it up as a topic of conversation without much prompting on your part. 

After the problem has been identified you will want to use confusion to bypass the critical factor.  There are three purposes for the confusion and those are to create smaller building materials by breaking the problem up, assists in inducing trance and bypassing the critical factor.

Next would be the step of active solution.  This will be an induced state either and emotion or feeling that can be achieved through framing, stories, emotional triggers, past experiences and visualizations.  You can use these concepts to search the past for a solution to the problem; a way to actively change the things the person wishes to change.

Lastly you will use the transformation step.  This is simply the process of attaching the problem to the solution for the outcome to be achieved.  You will attach the ‘A’ to the ‘P’ which will give you the ‘T’ in the end for a positive life change.

Future memories are a great tool to integrate into the PCAT Formula.  Future memories are when you will place a memory within the person you are hypnotizing as if it has already taken place.  This will help the mind to become formatted to create the events that will lead to that memory and making it a real memory to be carried out and remembered truly.
The COMILA is the second type of trance process you will be using in your hypnosis in order to get what you want.  In the COMILA Formula you will be captivating the person’s attention through the various techniques you have practiced in story telling and inductions.  The next step in this process is to outflank the resistance through bypassing the critical factor.  Again you can use any resource you have learned such as confusion, trance induction or story telling to do this.

The next step in the COMILA Formula is to set the mood.  You have learned that in order to change a person’s mind you must first change their mood and that is the same within the COMILA Formula.  Then you will move on to intensifying the mood you have captured, the more intense and absorbing the mood is the more likely you will get the behaviors you are attempting to get from the person you are speaking with. 

After you have done all this you will want to link that mood that you have captured and intensified to a motivating factor.  You will use this by setting emotional triggers that can be activated either while you are present or when you are not.  And finally you will move into the action phase; this is the trigger you set that will be fired and the action you were seeking will take place.

The most important part of the COMILA Formula is to be sure to set your trigger correctly.  You can create all the perfect states you want but if there is no good trigger point to set that state into action then your efforts will fail.  The general rule of thumb here is to start small. 

Find the smallest trigger that would be considered the first step in setting the person into action.  When you start with the biggest and most profound trigger you know of you may be failing because the trigger must be something simple and natural that the person can adequately cope with. 

As you use and perfect these trance formulas and all the concepts that accompany them you will begin to see that you will have become very skilled in getting people to do what you want.  You will see life improving changes in your subjects and you will become a great hypnotist as long as you study and practice these small steps that will create a vast difference in the results you see in your work.

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