An Overview on How to Use Nested Loops in Hypnosis

Nested loops are very important and powerful tools that you can integrate into your hypnotic processes within Conversational Hypnosis.  Nested loops are going to provide a deep level of assistance to you within your hypnosis by doing several things. 

The first and most important thing that nested loops or nested stories do for you is to cause the unconscious mind to work harder by getting it much more interested than a simple single story.  Nested loops are also known to cause a thing called the Zeigarnik Effect, in which a thing is left incomplete causing it to evolve to a level of much higher importance within the mind. 

Other things that a series of nested loops will offer you is a more secure hypnotic set of stories as well as being difficult to identify and trace.  Because of all this nested loops also bypass the critical factor just because there is so much action going on. 

If you recall a nested loop is a series of three or more stories that are told in a manner together to cause the unconscious mind to be impacted greater.  Each story you involve in your nested loop will be told up to the climax and then you will use a soft or hard loop to continue on to the next story.  The reason the unconscious mind is working harder here is because the stories are momentarily left unfinished the unconscious mind will work extra hard to try to finish them off. 

After you have climaxed each story you will have an open space in which to leave a suggestion for your subject and then you will move in reverse closing the last story first, the second to last story next and so on until you reach the first story and finish it. 

Moving in reverse through the end of the stories will help to create amnesia for the listener.  This happens because the mind tends to forget the middle stories after the beginning of the first story and its ending have been reunited. 

There are four different types of nested loops that you will begin to or may have already begun to navigate your way through.  They range from basic to master level with intermediate and advanced in the middle.  Each type of nested loop will entail the same general structure only adding refinements and a few concepts to each one.

The basic nested loop is the simplest and will be where you start when you want to integrate nested loops in to your hypnosis.  The basic nested loop is composed of three or more stories, each told to its climax and then transitioned into the next story through a hard or soft loop.   

A note on hard and soft loops which are going to be the very important transitions you make from one story to the next.  A hard loop is a transition with no real warning at all.  You simply go from telling the climax of the story you are on to the beginning of the next story, no explanation or excuse as to why.  A soft loop is when you lead into the next story with the one you are telling. 

You may go from taking a walk in the wood to seeing a bunny, using the bunny as a transition into the next story about how you received a bunny for your fourth birthday.  You will use these loops between every story you tell in nested loops.  They offer you a way to change stories with very little effort.

After you tell all your story beginnings using the hard and soft loops to transition between each you will come to an open space that separates the beginnings of your stories from the endings.  In this open space you will leave your suggestion and then continue on closing each story in reverse.  Starting with the last story first and working your way back to the beginning story.

 It is important to remember that you will use this basic nested loop structure in all your nested loops.  The next three types of nested loops will only have things added to them, nothing taken away, in order to advance the sophistication of the structure.

The next type of nested loop is the intermediate nested loop.  Again you will follow all the same steps for the basic nested loop but with two additions.  In the intermediate nested loop you will add state to your stories.  Each of the three or more stories you tell will evoke a different state or emotion from your listener. 

This is where you start to get their emotions going up and down and sideways, you really want to give them a ride on different emotions that you evoke through your story telling. 

The second thing you will add is at the space in the middle where you were originally only leaving suggestions you will now leave a trance process first, either the COMILA or PCAT and then adding your suggestion is already built into these formulas.  You still leave the suggestion only you do it in the way the formula calls for.

The advanced nested loops are going to be repeating the process of the intermediate nested loop and adding to it the trance formulas into the actual stories you are telling.  You will do this so those trance formula’s start to format the unconscious mind similar to the way the story is taking place.  As you do this the trance processes will become embedded in the stories you are telling and making the trance that much more powerful.

Finally we come to the master level nested loops.  In this series of nested loops you will follow the some protocol as in the advanced nested loops but refine it even further by adding in conversational induction protocols. 

You will integrate these into your stories as well as the trance processes.  This will make your stories consciously entertaining and unconsciously they will have deeply embedded suggestions that will start to work in the mind.

All of the nested loops are great and wonderful tools to use in your hypnosis.  Of course the more advanced you get in you learning the more benefit you can acquire from using the master level nested loop instead of the basic.  These are important things to practice and can be easily done simply by telling stories to your friends and family with nested loops integrated into them.

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