Mechanics, Engineers & Magicians: Don’t Just Learn Hypnosis, Master Hypnosis!

There are concepts and principals that you can learn and have been learning in order to educate yourself on the art of hypnosis.  But the question becomes when you have already learned so much on the subject of hypnosis why not master it instead of just learning it?  Conversational Hypnosis is an art that is best conveyed and conducted when you have educated yourself to the point of mastery.

You have learned that changing moods changes minds and that your reality is simply the set of frames you choose to live your life in.  Because of this simple fact it is given that if you change the ways in which you think about things you will also be changing the ways in which you perceive the world you live in. 

This may take time or it may happen quickly depending on the frame that you are adjusting.  Some of these adjustments may last a lifetime and others may fade with time or only be short term.  In any case the amount of expertise you have as a hypnotist will ultimately be judged against the level of change you can create for your clients.

Therefore you will want the level of expertise you have to be at a mastery level and not just something you learned well.  In order to do this you are on the right track, you must educate your self through the various levels of advancement in order to climb to the top of the mastery mountain.  You must learn above all else how to manipulate the area of expertise you have embarked on, Conversational Hypnosis, to the most defined and refined level of achievement. 

There was a time when the journey you took through any given profession was marked by certain titles; however in this day hypnosis is no longer marked in these same ways.  You would be wise to compare yourself to the titles of the old days and use it to mark your progress as you journey through your education in hypnosis.  You should constantly be looking to increase your successes through improved effectiveness, excellence and elegance in your language and other skills. 

Now this is not something that you should only apply to the techniques you are using.  Level of technique will only get you so far, in fact it has been more apt to limit those who focus on it solely.  The type of hypnotist that focuses only on the technique of hypnotism is focusing only on the mechanics of it.  This is what you would call a reality mechanic. 

A reality mechanic is one who carries around with them a convenient bag of tricks and tools that usually get the job done.  However when a tool fails they spend all their time blaming the tool for the failure instead of looking to the fact that they have limited themselves through only focusing on the mechanics of the tool.  When the tool works they are pleased with it and consider themselves to be somewhat magical. 

The problem with this lies in the tool you are blaming for the failure.  The tool, being the processes and techniques of hypnosis, are not going to be broken.  The problem is that the hypnotist has limited themselves by simply only focusing on the techniques involved.
This person has not educated themselves on anything except the tools to use and if the wrong tool is chosen and fails they look to the tool for answers and it is not the tools fault for failure it was the choice that was originally at fault.

A reality mechanic can do a lot of good things but they will never do great things until another person has done them first because they are in need of the tools to be handed to them, already developed.  In order to rise above the level of reality mechanic you need to become a reality engineer, this is like a well earned promotion.  How do you get the promotion?

Reality engineers focus not only on technique but on principal as well, understanding how the processes work by studying them and seeing the inner workings of each one.  In doing this you allow yourself the freedom of the knowledge in how to create new techniques when the time is right.  If you can do this then you are more likely to get the results you want more often because you have expanded the tools in which you are able to work with, you can create new tools and understand how they work as well. 

A reality engineer in essence will have the confidence and ability to meet unexpected and new situations with self assuredness.  They have the knowledge to look for the information they need in order to pinpoint the best and most appropriate principals to use for each situation.  The engineer has the ability to dissect the technique or process and then put it back together in a new way that will work for the current situation much more effectively and efficiently.

Now there is one more level and that is the level you should constantly be striving to be at, reality magician.  A reality magician goes beyond the techniques and principals and is educated and open minded enough to have the ability to create new principals as well as manipulate the boundaries of existing principals to fit the situation they are in. 

Now this does not mean that you disregard principals or think that only your principals are best, no it is a way of knowing how to create what you need even when it is undiscovered.  Reality magicians can create new principals and bend the old ones to fit together to assist in any situation. 

When you reach this level you are the embodiment of hypnosis, you do it naturally and things seem to happen solely because you intend them to happen.  The best way to define reality magician is to use the words of Dr. Milton Erickson.  “You become the scenery to which the other people naturally respond to in the way that you intend them to.”

This is where you want your level of Conversational Hypnosis to be, reality magician.  This is a powerful set of shoes to fill; it is a complete way of thinking that will elevate your mastery endlessly.  You must be able to appreciate this power as well as grow it responsibly.  To do this, hands on training is suggested.

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