How to Develop Unconscious Rapport in Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis is as it sounds, it is generally made up of different conversations, different ways of communicating.  In communication whether it is verbal, non-verbal, physical or sub-communications you are constantly building some type of rapport.  Rapport is a very important and valuable part of Conversational Hypnosis.

Building the type of rapport you need in your hypnosis is a job that requires hard work.  Now rapport itself, on a non hypnotic level, is easy to build.  You do it every day with family, friends, co-workers and even complete strangers. 

This is a natural function that you learned in the earliest years of your life.  The fact is that rapport building is an intuitive process that you can learn how to do consciously, you can learn to repeat the rapport building processes you use everyday. 

The easiest way to build rapport with others is to always remember to go first.  Going first is a concept you have learned and will use often in Conversational Hypnosis.  Going first means that you must first enter or engage yourself in the state you want to project onto others around you.  When you do this you will sub-communicate signals to those around you about the state you are in and it will influence them to join you in that state.

When you have a strong rapport with another person, let’s say a family member or your best friend, you probably feel certain things when you are in their general presence.  Most people will feel different things like a fluttering in the stomach or the sensation of being able to breathe easier.  This feeling is different for everyone but it is a feeling that is usually associated with comfort, trust and a feeling of being at ease in their presence. 

You may even be experiencing it now as you think of that person, and as you think of that feeling and person you will likely start to experience the state that goes along with the particular rapport you share with that person.   Many times it is helpful in learning to build rapport to associate a certain color with the feeling you link to that rapport.

When you are learning to recall a state purposefully in order to build rapport it is very important that you take that state and the feelings you associate with it and intensify it to the point of oozing.  You want to expand that rapport, that feeling, that color with in you and let it fill you completely and intensely. 

You really want the feeling of that rapport to seep from you and surround you.  From there you want it to fill the room and envelope the other person you are trying to build a similar rapport with.  The more you work on intensifying the rapport within you the more it will expand outward to the person you are interacting with.

As you are expanding, projecting and sub-communicating that rapport you want to engage the other person in it will trigger your unconscious to send out signals of that rapport.  In doing this a type of natural mirroring will occur in your behaviors with the other person.  You will begin to communicate that rapport on many, many different levels unconsciously. 

This is where things start to become a little hard for the conscious mind to track.  You will want to use all the rapport building skills and concepts you have already learned, but only to the point that it is comfortable.  Once things start to become too much you will then let your unconscious mind take over and compensate for the rest of the rapport building. 

The more that you can get your unconscious mind to do in this area the better.  The unconscious mind is already well versed in this area as you have been doing it all your life, so let one thing be simple and let the unconscious do something that it knows how to do already. 

You already know that the idea behind going first in rapport is a tried and true one; it has been tested over and over again with the same positive results.  But that is not to say it is the best way to do it, rapport building can be started with going first and then can be handed off to the unconscious mind for great results as well.

Rapport is much like an intimate relationship; it is a way that you are with another person.  It is very familiar and allows you entrance into their world.  You have the opportunity to explore their world without hindering or damaging your own reality.  You can be a tourist and see things the ways they see them, but with caution to not be judging or harsh in any way.  Rapport, deep rapport offers you so many ways to really experience life through another’s view point and expand your rapport while doing so.

The best way to do this is to let it happen unconsciously.  The unconscious mind already embodies and posses all the tools, skills and concepts it needs in order to build strong, wide and deep rapports with those around you, so let it happen if you can.

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