An Introduction to Hypnosis & Trance

Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis are simply natural experiences that occur all the time.  People spend their days going in and out of different trances and altered states of mind.  If you think about it you probably access trances many times each day; when you day dream, become absorbed in a show or movie, when you become deep in thought or even immerse yourself fully in something you are reading.  So hypnosis is complete and natural ways of letting your consciousness go free.

Humans are made as any animal with instincts for survival and in a world where our minds are constantly on and going it is a natural cycle of the body to produce trances to give your mind time to reset and reorganize. 

These cycles are thought to happen every ninety minutes and really just give your mind a break from what it is required to do all day long.  It gives the mind time to organize the events that have happened and file them in the proper places.  Now it is said that these cycles are very much needed almost as required by your body as REM sleep.  Without these cycles your body would become too stressed and tired. 

Hypnosis is a great natural healthy experience to have, although it has been an attraction for myths of evil.  It is important to know what hypnosis is not so you may then know what it really is.  Hypnosis is not an evil magical trick that is played on the mind.  It is not a way to dominate the world with hypnotic zombies that you control.  It is not a way to program a person to do evil bidding or assignations.

What hypnosis is is a powerful and valuable mind and body connection that enables the hypnotist to accomplish the things that seem impossible to those who are struggling with them.  There have been examples of the power of hypnosis in procedures like surgery without anesthetic, a person being completely awake and calmly watching as the operation is performed.  This is the power of the body’s natural ways of using the mind to change the world you live in.

Hypnosis is not only used for health and physical pain suppression, it can also expand your mental abilities and functions.  This is clear as in a trance state you can often study better and faster as well as remember information more clearly.  Hypnosis can also increase the capacity of your creativity far beyond what you would ever expect.  The point in all this is to show you how powerful the art of hypnosis can be in the light that it should truly be shown in.  Not evil but a powerful art form of discipline that has an endless amount of opportunity within.

Within hypnosis we have to look at the purpose of the unconscious mind as it is highly involved in this process of hypnosis.  The unconscious mind is responsible for many, many processes our bodies and minds need in order to survive.  If you consider that the conscious mind can only comfortably handle five to nine processes at a time then the amount of processes that must be handled by the unconscious is very vast.

It is important to know the realms of the unconscious mind as you will be ultimately be dealing with the unconscious on a very regular basis.  The unconscious mind is responsible for body, emotion, memory, communication and performance.  All these huge categories are handled by the unconscious and most often all at the same time.

In the category of body the unconscious in left with the responsibility of preserving your body, it keeps your heart beating, lungs breathing, blood pressure regulated, blood temperature in check, food digested and so on.  It takes care of all the things you often take for granted, that your body just does automatically because the unconscious is telling it to do so.

Emotion is another function that is handled by the unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is responsible for all the different emotions you feel and the firing of those emotions.  This is always happening, constantly; if you stop to think about it there is never a time when you are feeling no emotion at all.  You are happy, sad, content, bored, depressed or excited at all times of your life. You experience these and many other emotions throughout your life and they are all put into effect by your unconscious mind. 

In memory your unconscious mind spends time to organize and store all your memories.  It is also responsible for the suppression of memories.  It does this when your body and conscious mind are not strong enough to handle the traumatic events that take place in your life.  It will restore or bring back those memories when you are strong enough to handle them in a healthy way.

The unconscious mind is also responsible for communication.  This is where the information you receive from the outside world comes in and is perceived by the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind analyzes it and maps it for you to understand the interpretations.  It does not directly process negativity and caters the information’s to your conscious mind.  The unconscious mind must work in a way that serves the conscious mind for all to work properly in the body.

Lastly we have performance, in this area the unconscious mind is responsible for creating instincts for the body to act on.  This is put into action through repetition and will use these instincts to complete and create the whole picture of reality because that is the level the unconscious mind functions on.  The unconscious mind will work toward the goals and instances it can integrate into the bigger picture of life causing things and processes to come together for you naturally.

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