The Role of Hypnotic Rapport in Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a deep and complicated process where the hypnotist and subject must have a wide rapport to support.  When you participate in conducting a hypnotic trance your unconscious will be opened to them.  Because of this it is important to have the experience you wish them to partake in at the forefront of your mind when starting the rapport.

Rapport is not a term generated just for use in hypnosis.  It happens with everyone you come into conversational contact with.  And the rapport you develop with your subjects is instrumental in conducting successful conversational hypnosis.

Hypnosis is anything but a casual relationship between two people.  It is a deep connection that must be supported with good rapport.  Anything you feel will unconsciously be projected upon the person you are trying to hypnotize.  Because of this it is paramount that you learn to take your rapport skills out of the range of normal and beyond.

Hypnotic rapport is a time tested relationship.  It has been present since people have been in existence.  It is not fully understood and may never be, but it is very powerful. 

Rapport is powerful in the sense that anytime a person around you experiences a trance they will inevitably take on a deeper connection with you and your unconscious mind.  This deepens the trust between the participants and offers a sense of comfort in your company.

Going first, or ‘go first’ concept is an important one to become highly familiar with.  In ‘go first’ you as the hypnotist must first enter the environment and experience you want your subject to have. 

The reason you need to enter the experience before your hypnotic subject is so they will pick that experience up from your subconscious as they are in trance.  Because every time a person goes into trance around you they develop an unconscious connection with you, if you have the experience at the forefront of your mind they will bring it back with them after the hypnosis is concluded. 

As you begin to make hypnotic connections with other people you will be unconsciously exploring their mind as they will be making a connection with your unconscious as well.  This is a powerful part of hypnosis.  It allows each person to explore thoughts and ideas they never knew they had until that precise moment.

An example of this is prevalent in our everyday lives.  We have all met people that we have a difficult time connecting with.  You may have the same conversations over and over with little success in a real connection.  It may seem that there is some sort of barrier up between the two of you.  You never quite get past the small talk questions because you are not comfortable enough to advance into a deeper relationship.

This relationship is skewed because on an unconscious level these people are sub-communicating their sense of distrust and non ability to be comfortable around you.  This atmosphere within in a person you are trying to connect with will shut down your thoughts and ideas.  This will happen even before those thoughts and ideas have even had a chance to properly develop and come to your conscious.

On the other hand you probably meet people that you seem to have an instant connection with.  In these situations it can seem that the thoughts and ideas are flowing from you endlessly.  Ideas you never even realized you had come easily and seamlessly carry your listener.  You are charismatic with these people, your ideas are good, and they come out well.

Split personality?   No.

This is the way most people work.  Those who are confident, comfortable and trusting in themselves often send out unconscious signals to others that produce the same effect in others.  People who are not sure of themselves or comfortable will unconsciously cut off successful communications before they have had a chance to even try.

In hypnosis you will want to have the effect of the second situation.  If you have a good rapport with your subjects and they feel comfortable and trusting around you they will be able to easily open up to you.  You can aid in this process by making the mental environment even more comfortable by using the ‘go first’ method in hypnosis.

It is important to remember that hypnosis is no casual relationship.  You want your clients and the people around you to feel as if they have known you for years and can open up to you anywhere. 

Developing and instant rapport with a complete stranger is a skill that will attribute to your success as a hypnotist.  This is established through good rapport.  Good rapport can be established through different methods such as the ‘go first’ method.

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